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Covid-19 Information


What is required to get a contact-free estimate?

We can ensure a contact free estimate by having you gather some information for us and sending along. Please provide us with the following for a solar estimate:

  • The last 12 months of your power bills.

  • Photos of your service entrance and electrical panels. If it can be done safely, a photo of the panels with open covers can be helpful.

  • Photos from the ground showing the East, West, and South side of your house.

Stop By Option

We also provide a stop by option. We can come by your house and take photos and measurements, then follow up with you over the phone or via email if you prefer.

What about the installation?

For the majority of our installations, we are able to do so without ever entering your house. In the rare instances where this is required, such as your service panels are located inside, then we will wear masks and wipe down all surfaces that we come in contact with using approved disinfectant products.

After the installation is complete, we wipe down and disinfect all equipment and surface we've come in contact with on the exterior of your house.

Please contact us for further information or concerns. We will accommodate your requests to the best of our abilities. 

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